Laurie Newton runs the snooker secret men’s business on Tuesdays each week. There is a hotly contested annual competition followed by a presentation dinner for players and partners.
The snooker tables are at the Nelson Bay Seniors Community Hall, 6 Norburn Avenue, Nelson Bay. Play starts at 1pm but numbers are limited as there are only two tables.

Stirred on by the Snooker Word Championships held in London last Month, the Probus club of Port Stephens snooker members are seen here hard at work replicating the smart moves and tactics used in that nail biting finish in that smoggy London occasion, and always with the possibility that one day, one of their members may participate in this Olympian occasion.

Whilst this band of merry PSPC members enjoy the game and the tactics, they also relish the time to chat and chew the fat over life’s activities and individual experiences in this time of lock down.

The social distancing requirements are uppermost with all players, and the tea break allows time to reflect on the way life used to be, and hopefully will return soon.

Members back at the tables
The 2020 season is up and running - members are practising ready for the 2020 championships.
Get chalk on your cue and come along!!
Pot black!!
Come along and meet us!
Probus Club of Port Stephens meets at 9:30am on the second Thursday of every month at the Nelson Bay Bowling and Recreation Club, Stockton Street, Nelson Bay 2315.
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