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“Fun, friendship and fellowship”
All members and prospective members are welcome to come along to the bi-monthly BBQs. They are normally held on the 4th Thursday every second month at Bagnall's Beach Reserve (off the round-about). BBQs for 2022 will be held on 24th February, 28th April, 23rd June, 25th August, and 27th October.

The BBQs are run by Tirrel Graham and are one of our most popular activities, with over 50 people regularly attending. Succulent fillet steak, sausages & onions cooked on our own BBQ trailer by the happy team of “master chefs”.

Lucky attendance draw with multiple prizes organised by Christine with her persuasive selling skills. Lots of fun and fellowship .... and the kookaburras are a bonus, but hang on to your sausage!
Tirrel Graham is Director of BBQs and Christine Graham is selling the raffle tickets at the bi-monthly BBQs
23rd June 2022

The third BBQ of 2022 and the first where the weather was good enough to return to our usual spot at Bagnalls Beach Reserve.

Clear blue skies despite the slight chill and wonderful views across Port Stephens - a perfect day to enjoy the sausages and steak in convivial company.
A bright but chilly day
24th February 2022
The first BBQ of 2022 and the wet summer caused a move to the Nelson Bay Community Hall in Norburn Avenue.

Sheltered from the elements, members and guests enjoyed the steak and sausage, well cooked despite the "chefs" having to bear the brunt of the rain.
Tirrel, Rod and Roy brave the rain
Fun, friendship and fellowship at the BBQ
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